International Moving

Experience Easy Pickup and Box Delivery Across the USA with UCMOVING's International Student Moving Service for Relocating to Your Home Country.

Take a break and leave the heavy lifting to us with our free pickup service. We'll come right to your doorstep to collect your belongings, so you don't have to worry. Plus, with our box delivery service, you can easily order packing supplies on our website and have them delivered right to your home. It's as simple as that!


UCMOVING - Your Partner for International Student Relocation

We provide small relocation services to individuals who are returning to their home countries after completing their studies or work in the United States. We guarantee fast and safe delivery through air transport or sea transport, and provide free pick-up and box delivery services that save time. In addition, you can easily register customs clearance documents through the smart customs clearance service.


The advantages of UCMOVING

No matter which city you live in the US, we have a convenient solution for your shipping needs. Receive essential delivery items such as moving boxes and label printing, pack your bags easily, and use the free pick-up service.




Even if you're not returning immediately, you can benefit from our one-month warehouse storage option. Additionally, we provide assistance in preparing the necessary documentation for duty-free customs clearance for your return move.

  1. Easily prepare your shipping supplies online.
  2. Receive free pickup from the comfort of your home without the hassle of carrying heavy items.
  3. If you need a place to store your belongings during the vacation period, you can take advantage of our storage service and proceed with our relocation service when you return.
  4. Flexible options to add or reduce the quantity of boxes



International Moving Services by UCMOVING

From your home in the U.S. to your home in your home country, you can get it back home at a low cost, including full shipping.

Special Discounted Shipping Service for 15kg

Our service offers packaging for items weighing up to 15kg, using authentic FedEx 20x20x12 inch standard boxes. You can purchase FedEx 20x20x12 inch standard boxes directly from FedEx offices or through our online store.


Special Discounted Shipping Service for 20kg

Our service offers affordable shipping for packages weighing up to 20kg. We use the 275DW 18x18x18-inch box, which is available for purchase on our website.


Effortless Luggage Delivery Service

Please check and select the size and weight of the items to be shipped. Label and tie-on tags are mandatory.


Packing Supplies

Choose the necessary packing materials for secure shipping.


Service progress and process

We make the process as smooth and seamless as possible so you can relax and enjoy your new destination without worrying about transporting your items. 


  1. Select your desired weight box and submit the estimated quantity of boxes you need.
  2. On the My Page, enter your address and choose the same number of boxes as requested, along with labels and pouches.
  3. Upon receiving the delivered boxes, carefully pack them while ensuring they don't exceed the weight limit, and input the box details in the box inventory list.
  4. Verify the final shipment count and receive your reservation number.
  5. Call the provided FedEx Customer Service Center to confirm your pick-up appointment.
  6. Your luggage will be delivered to the destination. (Service ends)

※ Detailed instructions will be provided on My Page.

Please make sure to know

  • To be eligible for customs clearance (duty-free benefits) for your relocation shipment to Korea, you must have resided in the United States for a minimum of 3 months. Additionally, to utilize our services in Korea, your return date should be within 5 months from your departure. (Proof of return will be required to receive your belongings at your Korean residence.)) See more →
  • Most items you have used for more than 3 months are eligible for duty-free processing, as recognized by customs.
  • To ensure smooth pickup, please make sure your shipment is ready for dispatch at least 2 days prior to the scheduled pickup date. Additionally, please allow an extra day (+1 day) beyond the designated date for pickup, excluding weekends.
  • Take advantage of our special discounted boxes (15kg, 20kg) by packing them slightly below the discounted weight, allowing you to utilize the service without any additional charges.
  • All boxes are accurately measured and weighed to calculate the shipping fees based on the actual quantity and weight sent. The weight of special discounted boxes (15kg, 20kg) includes the weight of the box itself.
  • Refer to the detailed information to learn about the delivery time. See more →
  • Unboxed packages (such as immigration bags, duffel bags, soft carriers, etc.) are not eligible for use.
  • For deliveries to Jeju Island and remote mountainous areas, there may be a cash on delivery fee for shipping within Korea.
  • When paying for shipping with a credit card, a transaction handling fee may apply
  • The estimated amount provided is for reference purposes and not the final contract amount. The transportation fee will be calculated based on the actual dimensions of the shipped items upon arrival at the warehouse, and additional charges may apply for any added services.
  • Please refer to the terms and conditions for information regarding cancellations and refunds.
※ Additional fees apply for shipments to Hawaii and Alaska. (Please inquire on the bulletin board and apply accordingly.)
※ UCMOVING is expanding its services nationwide and has implemented an automated policy, therefore, phone inquiries are not available. Please utilize the inquiry bulletin board.